These intimate sex positions are also beneficial in maintaining a longer, more passionate love making session and can bring couples closer. Here are the best sex

Slow Sex Positions 59

Slow Sex Positions 61

Slow Sex Positions 16

These 8 expert-sourced sex positions will help you and your partner last longer in bed.

Sex is about the journey, not the destination, so we offer the 4 best positions for slower, more erotic sex to increase intimacy with your partner.

YOU UNDER HIM: Chicken Soup of the Sack. Most couples’ main sex selection is the man-on-top missionary position. Often this oldie-but-goodie gets a “been there, done

Lying on your back is the most common way to go, but if you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, try one of these hot oral sex positions.

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Find out from an expert what the slow sex movement is about—and why you should try it if you want to heat things up between the sheets.

What are the best sex positions to get pregnant? Here are some getting pregnant tips: Timing is everything, positions are important and stay out of the water

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God has created slow sex as the best tonic for committed relationship. Slow sex would be increasing heightened sensitivity and love in their sex acts. Slow sex

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Advanced Positions. Just to prove that there really are no limits when it comes to sex, here are a variety of positions put together for your amusement.

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The best ways of making love with slow, romantic, gentle sex

Slow Sex Positions

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